Agem Capital donated research funding to support the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation at the University of Rochester in the USA in their recent study: "Analysis of Fluoroquinolone toxicity in the central nervous system (CNS)". The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation helps fluoroquinolone toxicity victims and academic-level analysis of fluoroquinolone toxicity. Fluoroquinolones are a class of popular antibiotics that can cause lethal and crippling, irreversible side effects even months after the termination of therapeutic use. These issues are not yet acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry and drug administration authorities. Agem Capital firmly believes this should change in order to save lives worldwide.

Agem Capital is a dedicated supporter of sports in emerging countries as our primary CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - initiative. We have proudly sponsored long-distance biker Mr. Géza Bíró from Hungary in his record-breaking individual bike tour during the summer of 2012. Enjoy the ride with Agem Capital!