Capital Market Research and Private Placement

The Agem Group supplies access to sources of capital for clients in need of a placement solution. Agem provides relationships with a wide range of fund managers and institutional investors in the alternative space. We offer a multi-faceted introduction platform for fund raising strategies to maximize reach by keeping a flexible profile. We advise presenting an open architecture before investors in terms of available allocation channels in order to avoid institutional and regulatory investment policy limitations that often affect the sell-side in the alternative asset classes. This way, an interdependent and comprehensive capital formation system can be built along five core service line pillars. The Agem team are well positioned to provide access to bespoke and structured, transparent capital market research and private placement solutions for our clients.

  • Targeting: selecting the right capital provider pool by filtered preferences according to a set of specific criteria
  • Tracking: identifying capital providers of the competitive set by advanced market intelligence
  • Distribution: confidential investment information management for qualified investors authorised by our clients
  • Engagement: developing lasting investor relations by creative project marketing communication solutions
  • Feedback: systematic investor feedback mechanism for our clients to support ongoing strategy alignment

Our professionals have many years of experience in the capital markets having served the buy-side globally, especially in Asia, the fastest growing region in terms of investable assets under management. Besides, Agem have partnered with some of the leading capital market data vendor and distribution platforms of the alternative asset classes.