We help our smallcap corporate clients integrate in the lifeblood of global capital centres, supplying SMEs direct access to the capital market scope of large transnational corporations.

Introduction to Fund Managers and Asset Owners

Agem provides an efficient gateway for growth companies to investors seeking private equity, private debt or venture capital exposure in both the early or more mature operating stages of the business cycle. For qualified corporate clients we provide strategic management advice in terms of presenting a corporate financing or project funding situation as investment opportunities for matching capital providers in the alternative investment fund management arena as well as in the institutional asset owner and private institutional wealth management space. We endeavour to continuously grow and actively manage our worldwide, comprehensive databanks of fund managers and institutional investors, which we maintain according to investment criteria including risk tolerance, geographical spread, industry preferences, ticket size, current dry powder, target company EBITDA expectations, preferred exit and cash multiple strategies, direct and co-investment preferences and many other aspects.

Corporate Finance Platforms

Here at Agem Capital, we can advise our international corporate clients in the careful selection of the right corporate finance, investment banking and securities exchange services providers for sophisticated financing events (eg. IPOs, dual listings, reverse mergers, M&A). We can facilitate fruitful investment banking relationships as well as prepare our clients for successful cooperation with foreign capital market institutions. The local knowledge of our extensive network of professionals about the sector-specific performance, references and experience of corporate finance firms, investment banking boutiques and other service providers in the targeted capital markets can be our clients' key assets in making informed decisions to save money prior to entering otherwise expensive, time consuming and sometimes unnecessary routes to corporate financing.

During times of turbulence, unforeseeable crisis and rapid changes, the Agem Group supplies viable strategies and global capital market access with cost-effective solutions.