Agem is a London-based boutique specialising in global capital market strategies for foreign entities. We cater to both private and public investment firms following a rigorous qualification process to select those with the potential to produce consistent risk-adjusted returns. Investment companies can take advantage of our capacities with particular regards to the following four service lines.

Capital Introductions

Agem can provide access to placement solutions for fund manager firms regarding institutional investors. Our buy-side mandates and institutional investor contacts looking to make new commitments in the alternative arena can be a useful asset especially for first-time funds or for established managers looking for new limited partners.

Capital Allocation

We can source investment opportunities for our clients across the alternative asset classes. We can provide information on a number of high-potential fund managers and growth companies currently raising, and we are also available to supply intelligence and access to undiscovered capacities in terms of direct investments and separate accounts.

Capital Market Penetration

Agem can advise on managing the structuring and listing of investment vehicles in foreign capital markets or acquiring listed shell companies by reverse mergers. We are also available to advise on the management of dual-listing solutions on multiple international capital market platforms in order to optimise market cap and reach to local investors on targeted markets. We cater to special requirements in the selection of the most adequate underwriting and issuing platforms, clearing, settlement and IR and PR service providers as well as regulated securities broker-dealer networks of the targeted capital markets matching the objectives of your investment company going public.

Investor Media & PR Solutions

Agem can provide access to, structure and implement a wide range of creative solutions to inform targeted audiences and raise awareness about our investments if we decide to co-invest with our clients.