The team of independent professionals at Agem looks at assets from the point of view of the capital market. Our value creating strategic advisory can provide an objective corporate and capital market analysis in preparation for corporate financing events as well as assist with business development and penetration of new markets.


We add value to foreign businesses and investment companies by assisting our clients with due diligence, strategic planning, sophisticated financial modelling and valuation tools in order to enable them to present appropriate and high-quality investment memorandums, business plans, feasibility studies and attractive exit strategies for fund managers, credit institutions, rating agencies, investment banks or potential international business partners.

Valuation & Ratings

Our experienced valuation experts take into account a wide array of highly advanced methodologies of premier capital market institutions in order to be able to provide the most realistic results. By achieving a rating, we can make available adequate channels for our clients to both strategic and financial investors, debt or collateral providers to execute a successful allocation, working closely with investment bankers in blue chip organisations.

Corporate Communication Management

We endeavour to maximise the communication efficiency of our clients with the buy-side. Raising investor awareness and facilitating perception of targeted information by the market are integral elements of a successful corporate communication strategy.

Quality Certification Protocols

Quality management system protocols and related assurance certifications such as ISO, are an integral component in corporate value creation. Either in paving the way towards a successful equity or debt raising, or to support a more effective market expansion, we can advise on how to get certified and also in the selection of the most adequate types of certification standards that match the objectives of our clients.

Business Insurance

Subject to availability on request, we can provide access to niche policies of insurance companies onshore and offshore alike, in order to boost asset values and credit scores.