Dual Listings

The prestige, the media & PR aspects of Dual Listings are very positive in global expansion. A local quotation can pave the way when entering a new market. Given our extensive international relationships in capital markets, Agem can supply access to local capital market platforms, securities exchanges in several countries worldwide to assist our clients in harnessing the business development benefits of a higher market cap and access to new resources.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

For high-tech companies and investment firms targeting the high-tech sector, Agem can provide an efficient gateway to venture capital and private equity in both the early or more mature operating stages of the business cycle. For qualified clients we provide strategic management advice in presenting a corporate financing situation as investment opportunities for capital providers. We endeavour to continuously grow and actively manage our worldwide, comprehensive database of capital providers, which we maintain according to investment criteria including risk tolerance, geographical spread and industry preferences or minimum and maximum investment volume, and other aspects.

Underwriting Platforms

Here at Agem Capital, we can advise our foreign corporate clients in the careful selection of the right investment banking, clearing & settlement or IR providers for sophisticated corporate financing events. We can facilitate investment banking relationships as well as prepare our clients for successful cooperation with foreign capital market institutions. The local knowledge of our extensive network of professionals about the sector-specific performance, references and experience of underwriters in the target market can be our clients' best asset.

Reverse Mergers

We prefer to think outside of the box at all times. The inverse of the IPO has become increasingly effective in recent years with a growing number of structural options. This solution can provide a fast - track in obtaining a ticker symbol. Agem Capital is available to advise on reverse mergers with listed blank-check companies or acquisitions by shell investment vehicles with an intrinsic value in order to help make it easier for our clients to go public and enjoy a higher level of access to investment capital as listed equities.

Debt Structuring

On the debt capital front, the reach of Agem Capital extends to structured financial engineering tools as well. Techniques made available by select investment banking boutiques and specialised asset managers experienced in a diverse range of securitisation transactions of future cashflows, bespoke arrangements that reduce exposure by repackaging debt and increase credit rating, creative solutions of external credit enhancement.

Special Solutions

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